There has been a lot of yarn shops that has opened to a wider variety of yarns around the world. Some shops have considered on treasure of Nepal and India. Sari silk ribbon yarns has become popular these days that more yarn enthusiasts and hobbyists have been using this material to complete their projects. Fibers and yarns play an important role in creating a work of art. Fat fibers will never work when you're working for a different item such as table cover. On the other hand, fine yarns will also not work when you want to create a wonderful scarf for the cold season. Again, the yarn that you will choose creates a great impact on the results of the project. Whether you felt, knit or spin a fiber, the material has to associate with the project you are completing.

Along with the popularity of the yarns and fibers from all over the world, the birth of llama wool came to its existence. So, other than the yarns from Nepal and India, there is a yarn shop online that has been on a mission to promote the wool from the lovely animal, the llama. Wool from llama are just as the wool from sheep. These animals are dwindling in Chile. Other than that, the farmers watching over these animals are aging. Therefore, these yarns shops including the yarn retailers work hand in hand to preserve the tradition of using the animal's wool to create a wonderful yarn or fabric.
Yarn Skein

The Llama Coat
Perhaps you may notice on some fancy yarns that these fibers from llama are different and unique. And even when you compare to the sheep's coat, llama grows on a dual coat. This simply means, there is a layer of long guard hairs in order to protect the inner layer, the soft undercoat. As soon as the fleece is collected and processed, yarn companies will be removing the stiff guard hairs before spinning it and ready to be shipped at your local yarn store. 

The good thing about their coat is they do not produce lanolin just as the sheep does. This only means, llama fibers are better than any other wool since its clean and natural. Thereby, manufacturers no longer take time to add harmful chemicals on the fleece.  

Felting Llama Wool
Keep in mind that all fibers can be felted since it is covered with the microscopic scales. As water and agitation will be added to the fibers, it will bind together in order to create the felt.
Llama Wool

Spinning Llama Wool
With a fiber that is long and smooth, hand spinners simply align the fiber and use the worsted technique to spin it. Once you spin the wool, you will be able to see the long-wearing, smooth and shiny yarn.

Knitting Llama Wool
Didn't you know that llama fiber is less elastic than that of the sheep's wool? Knitters must know how to choose the yarns for their patterns. Keep in mind that llama fiber can blend in with other protein fibers such as sheep's wool in order to create a fabric and at the same time a wonderful masterpiece.

Although reclaimed silk ribbon yarn may be getting popular, but you also need to consider on the other yarns and fabrics that also are great materials and essentially needed to complete your project. For instance, the common felt material. Did you know that this is one of the oldest fabric known to man? You may not probably know and may not be familiar with this fabric, but little do you know that this is used almost anywhere. From garments to items at home and in the office or perhaps, used for decorations. This is a man made fabric that has undergone through a series of process such as matting and compressing the wool. Thereby, this is how this material or fabric came to life.

History Behind the Fabric
Studies have shown that it was the Asian Nomads who had this material developed first. Just as the sari silk ribbon yarn is, there are some felt fabrics that come from recycled products. Creating the fabric or otherwise known as felting does not require any tedious weaving. Unlike the other yarns such as silk sari ribbon, these come from wastes from fabric manufacturers. These are then cut into strips, tied to created a wonderful yarn. Not to mention most yarn shops enable more and more women in Nepal and India to earn an income. Creating yarns are considered to be opportunities for them to earn a living and most of all allow their children to go to school instead of just hanging elsewhere in the neighborhood. On the other hand, felt fabric has been used in almost any product including shelter and clothing. 
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You might wonder in some online yarn shops that they are able to preserve the condition of the fabrics and yarns they are selling. Keep in mind that once you do not have knowledge on how to take care of the materials for your project, you will end up having smelly fabrics and yarns in your storage. On the other hand, not storing the materials properly may not be the only source for allowing them to catch a stinking smell, instead, body odor or smoke can be sources of these odors. Remember, silk, no matter if you have the recycled sari, is prone to catch odor. There may be ways of removing it and most of all, you can make several attempts until you will be able to determine which method can removing odors from silk.

Silk Sari Skirt

Keep in mind that any yarn, that includes the reclaimed silk ribbon yarn can be used for a weaving project. This is the process where yarns turn into fabrics. Whatever the kind of loom you use, whether a simple do-it-yourself cardboard loom or looms used for commercial and professionals, the yarn will determine on the outcome of the woven project. Therefore, choosing the right yarn is the first thing to consider. As you read along you will be able to learn on the ways and easy steps on how to choose on the perfect yarn for your weaving project. Perhaps for beginners, an all natural thick and sturdy yarn would be the easiest to use. Other than the simplicity of the task, it is important to match the yarn for a weaver's project.  
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Although you can always get your favorite yarn and material for your project at online yarn shops, it makes a difference when you prepare your own fiber and spin it. These shops do not only offer a wide variety of yarns, they also offer fibers and fabrics and even tools for your knitting or crochet project. There are some people who are specific on the materials they would be using to complete their project. This is where fibers sold in best online yarn stores come in. The moment you prepare the fibers, keep in mind that it should enable you to determine on the texture of the yarn and at the same time there is ease in spinning a well prepared fiber.

AThere are a lot of types of equipment that will allow you to process the fibers in a lot of ways. It all depends on they type of fiber you are about to spin. Processing tools such as flickers, combs, hand cards, and carding machines separate the fibers and opening them up to make it easier for spinning. Whether or not you would process the fiber, spinning will always be fun. You can check on those stores that sell yarn a wide array of yarns and different types of fleece that can be spun without even processing it.

Unwoving Cotton


This is a unique kind of tool available at your favorite yarn shop online. Flicker produces silky, longer fleeces (up to 3 inches or more). The process allows the fiber to open without losing its structure. As you read along, we will learn on the easy step by step guide on the easiest process to prepare the fiber for spinning.

Step # 1:

Consider the fiber at your local craft shop. Although there may be available cheap knitting yarns for your project, spinning the fiber and using the yarn always makes it distinctive. This step is the simplest fiber preparation there is. All it takes is to put the lock of wool on your lap and hold it using your hand. At the same time, pull the fibers apart using your fingers. This process is called teasing. You will notice that the fiber will look like a huge fluffy cloud.

Step # 2:

Use your right hand to hold the lock of wool. Then, hold the flicker with your other hand and brush the tip out. Flicker refers to the brush exclusively designed for spinners.

Step # 3:

At this point, you need to turn the lock around in order to brush the cut end. As soon as flicking is done, the fiber is ready to spin.

Keep in mind that it is easier to comb or flick when the fiber is damp. Fibers that are just washed swells, straightens, thus, making it easier to complete on the flicking process. If in any case, the fiber dries, use a spray bottle filled not only with water but a few drops of oil will do. In addition, combing the fiber while it is damp or wet helps prevent static.  

Knitting Yarn
Craft stores including online yarn shops offer a wide variety of tools and materials to choose from in order to complete a masterpiece. There are those who wanted to knit while there are those who wanted to experience the joy of crocheting a project. But what is the difference between these two methods of creating a work of art? Perhaps some would say that it all depends on the project that they need to complete. Not to mention, the fiber and the yarn that they would be using for the pattern would also play an important role. For instance, creating a blanket, some people would prefer to use crochet since it gets heavy when you knit to complete this kind of pattern. Whatever the method would be, we will learn their unique distinctions.

Yarn Processing

Yarns made from wool sold at a credible discount yarn shop has become popular especially during winter. Most enjoy creating and completing a project using this yarn. These are used to create a garment and other items that can keep you warm during the winter season. We can always see this kind of yarn that even at a discount yarns online shops, they offer a wide of variety of yarns to choose from. You may have been lead to this article since you wanted to know the process of turning wool into yarn. Keep in mind that the materials you choose and use to complete your project matters the most. Not to mention, a good pair of needles can make a difference. So, how is wool turned into yarn?

Knitting Yarn
Most knitters enjoy the bargain-basement and consider getting a cheap yarn over those luxurious yarns from Nepal. This may be a good idea once you have learned the basics of knitting. However, if you are still a beginner, you still need to master the art of choosing the right yarn and the right needle for your project to become a work of art. It may be a good to save some money but if you wanted to create something that can be remembered by, then getting the best would be the most preferred.  
How do you pick the right needle?

At this point, you may have chosen your yarns for knitting. If there is a good knitting and crochet shop, most possibly, knitting kits are sold in this kind of shop. Kits include quality materials such as recycled silk sari yarns and perfect needles to complete your project.

Picking the right needle is not as easy as you think it could be. Keep in mind that there are a lot of kinds of needles in the market. There are needles made from plastic, metal, bamboo, and other materials. There are also circular needles, straight needles, and other knitting hooks. For any newbie, these are all confusing. Therefore, let us have a step by step guide in picking the right needle for you.

Knitting may be difficult and an expensive hobby at first, but once you begin to realize on some ways to release your passion, you tend to become a frequent visitor to these wholesale yarn suppliers. Else, in due time, you may want to start a yarn business of your own. There are many shops that do not only offer yarns for your project; they also want their customers to start their own business. For the meantime, let us learn on some easy knitting ideas or fun project ideas that would enhance your knitting skills. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned knitter or a beginner, what is important is to have the perfect yarn for your project in order to inspire you to create more projects that can become a work of art. 


There are several yarn stores that offer good quality materials that are perfect in making a project such as tablecloths. These are made to protect tables from damages. Other than that, they are also an opportunity to add color and life in the kitchen, dining and living rooms whether indoor or outdoor areas. Not to mention, tablecloths are good gifts ideas for newlywed couples. There are knitting supplies that offer kits in order to create an easier and convenient masterpiece. Most of the time, a good creation depends on the material being used. Tablecloths can be manufactured in a variety of materials to choose from which includes, cotton, polyester, vinyl, else the most famous, recycled silk. Each fabric offers its distinctive benefits, functionality and style.

Table Cloth