There has been a lot of yarn shops that has opened to a wider variety of yarns around the world. Some shops have considered on treasure of Nepal and India. Sari silk ribbon yarns has become popular these days that more yarn enthusiasts and hobbyists have been using this material to complete their projects. Fibers and yarns play an important role in creating a work of art. Fat fibers will never work when you're working for a different item such as table cover. On the other hand, fine yarns will also not work when you want to create a wonderful scarf for the cold season. Again, the yarn that you will choose creates a great impact on the results of the project. Whether you felt, knit or spin a fiber, the material has to associate with the project you are completing.

Along with the popularity of the yarns and fibers from all over the world, the birth of llama wool came to its existence. So, other than the yarns from Nepal and India, there is a yarn shop online that has been on a mission to promote the wool from the lovely animal, the llama. Wool from llama are just as the wool from sheep. These animals are dwindling in Chile. Other than that, the farmers watching over these animals are aging. Therefore, these yarns shops including the yarn retailers work hand in hand to preserve the tradition of using the animal's wool to create a wonderful yarn or fabric.
Yarn Skein

The Llama Coat
Perhaps you may notice on some fancy yarns that these fibers from llama are different and unique. And even when you compare to the sheep's coat, llama grows on a dual coat. This simply means, there is a layer of long guard hairs in order to protect the inner layer, the soft undercoat. As soon as the fleece is collected and processed, yarn companies will be removing the stiff guard hairs before spinning it and ready to be shipped at your local yarn store. 

The good thing about their coat is they do not produce lanolin just as the sheep does. This only means, llama fibers are better than any other wool since its clean and natural. Thereby, manufacturers no longer take time to add harmful chemicals on the fleece.  

Felting Llama Wool
Keep in mind that all fibers can be felted since it is covered with the microscopic scales. As water and agitation will be added to the fibers, it will bind together in order to create the felt.
Llama Wool

Spinning Llama Wool
With a fiber that is long and smooth, hand spinners simply align the fiber and use the worsted technique to spin it. Once you spin the wool, you will be able to see the long-wearing, smooth and shiny yarn.

Knitting Llama Wool
Didn't you know that llama fiber is less elastic than that of the sheep's wool? Knitters must know how to choose the yarns for their patterns. Keep in mind that llama fiber can blend in with other protein fibers such as sheep's wool in order to create a fabric and at the same time a wonderful masterpiece.

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