Keep in mind that any yarn, that includes the reclaimed silk ribbon yarn can be used for a weaving project. This is the process where yarns turn into fabrics. Whatever the kind of loom you use, whether a simple do-it-yourself cardboard loom or looms used for commercial and professionals, the yarn will determine on the outcome of the woven project. Therefore, choosing the right yarn is the first thing to consider. As you read along you will be able to learn on the ways and easy steps on how to choose on the perfect yarn for your weaving project. Perhaps for beginners, an all natural thick and sturdy yarn would be the easiest to use. Other than the simplicity of the task, it is important to match the yarn for a weaver's project.  
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Step # 1

You need to determine on your project needs. Say when your project would require to have a lighter yarn when talking about the strength. You may want to use silk yarns to create a wonderful work of art. These kinds of yarns produce a wonderful fabric.

Step # 2

At this point, it is also important to think on how you should be washing the fabric or the item that you will be creating. Other than how you will be washing it, use yarns that would best suit your needs. For instance, when you want to create an elegant dress. Keep in mind that these kinds of outfits are delicate. This information alone can allow you to decide which type of yarn to choose. Perhaps you may want to use banana silk yarn for this project. You need to choose a yarn that will be capable to be washed if there's a need to or a yarn that no longer require certain washing.
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Step # 3

As you warp and weft your yarns, it is wise to base it on its thickness. A thin warp paired with a thick weft would mean you will only be seeing the weft rather the warp. Unlike using a sari silk ribbon yarn, these are easier to weave and create a wonderful work of art.

Step # 4

Since you have full knowledge in choosing the yarn, this step should enable you to choose for the right color for your weaving project. If you wanted to create a weaving pattern, it is necessary to use yarns with equal thickness or approximately similar with each other, not to mention these yarns should have a variety of colors as well. On the other hand, there are patterns that enable you to use similar yarns and colors to complete a masterpiece.

Step # 5

We have come to our last step. Yarn enthusiasts enjoy making experiments. This gives them opportunities to know which yarn would be best for your weaving project. Keep in mind that each yarn is distinctive from the other. Consider on the silk sari ribbon where weaving this kind of yarn can create a different kind of item or project. All it takes is to use your skills and your knowledge in creating a work of art. Weaving can be fun when you learn all the ways of completing a project.

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