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Although you can always get your favorite yarn and material for your project at online yarn shops, it makes a difference when you prepare your own fiber and spin it. These shops do not only offer a wide variety of yarns, they also offer fibers and fabrics and even tools for your knitting or crochet project. There are some people who are specific on the materials they would be using to complete their project. This is where fibers sold in best online yarn stores come in. The moment you prepare the fibers, keep in mind that it should enable you to determine on the texture of the yarn and at the same time there is ease in spinning a well prepared fiber.

AThere are a lot of types of equipment that will allow you to process the fibers in a lot of ways. It all depends on they type of fiber you are about to spin. Processing tools such as flickers, combs, hand cards, and carding machines separate the fibers and opening them up to make it easier for spinning. Whether or not you would process the fiber, spinning will always be fun. You can check on those stores that sell yarn a wide array of yarns and different types of fleece that can be spun without even processing it.

Unwoving Cotton


This is a unique kind of tool available at your favorite yarn shop online. Flicker produces silky, longer fleeces (up to 3 inches or more). The process allows the fiber to open without losing its structure. As you read along, we will learn on the easy step by step guide on the easiest process to prepare the fiber for spinning.

Step # 1:

Consider the fiber at your local craft shop. Although there may be available cheap knitting yarns for your project, spinning the fiber and using the yarn always makes it distinctive. This step is the simplest fiber preparation there is. All it takes is to put the lock of wool on your lap and hold it using your hand. At the same time, pull the fibers apart using your fingers. This process is called teasing. You will notice that the fiber will look like a huge fluffy cloud.

Step # 2:

Use your right hand to hold the lock of wool. Then, hold the flicker with your other hand and brush the tip out. Flicker refers to the brush exclusively designed for spinners.

Step # 3:

At this point, you need to turn the lock around in order to brush the cut end. As soon as flicking is done, the fiber is ready to spin.

Keep in mind that it is easier to comb or flick when the fiber is damp. Fibers that are just washed swells, straightens, thus, making it easier to complete on the flicking process. If in any case, the fiber dries, use a spray bottle filled not only with water but a few drops of oil will do. In addition, combing the fiber while it is damp or wet helps prevent static.  

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