Although reclaimed silk ribbon yarn may be getting popular, but you also need to consider on the other yarns and fabrics that also are great materials and essentially needed to complete your project. For instance, the common felt material. Did you know that this is one of the oldest fabric known to man? You may not probably know and may not be familiar with this fabric, but little do you know that this is used almost anywhere. From garments to items at home and in the office or perhaps, used for decorations. This is a man made fabric that has undergone through a series of process such as matting and compressing the wool. Thereby, this is how this material or fabric came to life.

History Behind the Fabric
Studies have shown that it was the Asian Nomads who had this material developed first. Just as the sari silk ribbon yarn is, there are some felt fabrics that come from recycled products. Creating the fabric or otherwise known as felting does not require any tedious weaving. Unlike the other yarns such as silk sari ribbon, these come from wastes from fabric manufacturers. These are then cut into strips, tied to created a wonderful yarn. Not to mention most yarn shops enable more and more women in Nepal and India to earn an income. Creating yarns are considered to be opportunities for them to earn a living and most of all allow their children to go to school instead of just hanging elsewhere in the neighborhood. On the other hand, felt fabric has been used in almost any product including shelter and clothing. 
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How is the Fabric Made?
As silk yarns came from silk, felt fabric is made from rubbing the wool fibers together in order to become irreversibly tangled. Meanwhile, adding hot and cold water alternately allows the wool to shrink. This process should allow you to create a wonderful felt fabric. Although you can create felt fabric by using recycled wool fabrics, follow on the steps properly to get the desired product or material.

What are the Functions of the Fabric?
Since this fabric can also be considered as popular as the other yarns such as banana silk yarn, you can use this fabric almost anywhere. You can use it for household cleaning material such as using the fabric as polishing material. In addition, it can be used fabric, crafts and packing material.

What are the Benefits of Using the Fabric?
Compared to other fabrics, this fabric does not fray or ravel as well. Other than the yarn enthusiasts, most rooms have this fabric not only to enclose, but to insulate against cold and noise.

What are the Sizes and Color?
Felting can be fun and easy. It allows you to expose your creativity. Felt fabric can be in different colors and sizes. Depending on your need, felts are available in standard size of paper to large rolls. No matter the size, this fabric should be able to meet every project need. 

In conclusion, creating this fabric may be easy, all it takes is for your to focus in using this material to complete any project.

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